High Phidelity provides affordable no nonsense technology solutions and services that are focused on Community Empowerment.

Explore some of our works


An all-in-one platform focused on growing and managing your online presence.


A cost effective Raspberry Pi powered digital signage management solution.


The online community built to support and enhance CloudPress and Bramblebox.


Coming Soon!  A new time management application with a unique and intuitive interface.

Community Empowerment

We focus on providing products and services that help organizations get organized, and make it easy for their messaging to reach a growing audience.

Transparent Operation

We build trust through open and honest communication, and our pricing will always be kept simple and straightforward.

Scalable Design

We plan ahead and design for future expansion, so our systems remain just as effective through all stages of your organization’s growth.

Iterative Development

We continually re-evaluate and improve upon all of our products, services, systems, and processes.   We believe “Good Enough” can always be made “Even Better“.

Collaboration over Competition

We can accomplish greater things more quickly by working together rather than against each other!  We support Positive Sum Game Theory and Egoistic Altruism.

General Inquiries

Individuals, organizations, and businesses that share in our values represented on this page and are interested in working together are welcome to contact us!  Please use this form to tell us more about your idea or opportunity to collaborate on a project together.